There are several accommodation choices depending on your needs and preferences.  

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Dance your Heart Out

10 year epic gathering of GROOVE Lovers!


A groovy chic ecological retreat for the savvy, high vibration, adventure seeking, conscious traveler.

December 1-12, 2019

Bhodi Tree eco-CHIC Resort in Nosara, Costa rica

All Packages include 12 days, 11 nights accommodations, 3 delicious vegetarian meals per day, all GROOVE classes, bodyART classes, workshops, lectures, one off-site excursion, just LOVE GROOVE ReTreat goodie package, Airport transfers from/to the Liberia Airport (1st and 12th only).

(Alcohol available at an additional expense)

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT - Register before March 31, 2019 for $200 OFF



       Make your deposit now to reserve your spot.

   $500 + 18% VAT = $590 Total Deposit
   (Deposit is Non-Refundable)
Processing of any payment means you have read and agree to
   these terms and conditions.
Your Retreat Manager will contact you within 48 hours of registration. 
 12 days/11 nights:
  • King Bungalow, Private bath, patio deck SOLD OUT!

    • $6,552.00 + 18% VAT {Per Person}​ USD (Single)

    • $5,450.00 + 18% VAT {Per Person}​ USD (Double)

  • King Ocean View, Private bath  SOLD OUT!

    • $6,552.00 + 18% VAT {Per Person}​ USD (Single)

    • $5,450.00 + 18% VAT {Per Person}​ USD (Double)

  • Queen Bungalow, Private bath, patio deck, 2 Queen beds​ SOLD OUT!

    • $4,248.00 ​+ 18% VAT {Per Person}​ USD (Double)

  • Queen room, Private bath  SOLD OUT!

    • $3,932.00 + 18% VAT {Per Person} USD (Single)

    • $3532.00 + 18%VAT [Per Person} USD (Double)

  • Queen room, Private bath, 2 Queen beds SOLD OUT!

    • $3,306.00 ​+ 18% VAT {Per Person} USD (Double)

  • Group Housing, shared bath, 3 single beds SOLD OUT!

    • $2,784.00 + 18% VAT {Per Person} USD​

    • (2 rooms/6 people share large common outdoor bathroom)


All Accommodations have air conditioning.  


Discounts available:

All discounts are applied after deposit is received.
  • EARLY BIRD - Register before March 31, 2019 for $200 OFF.
  • Licensed GROOVE Facilitators - $200 OFF. 
  • Retreat Repeater - $200 OFF per year attended.
    • Only 10 day previous retreats qualify​.
    • 3 year ($600) max discount.
  • "Bring a friend" Referral Discount - Email Rinda to inquire.​​

Payments will be collected through your option of Paypal Invoice, Cashiers Checks or direct bank wire transfer.

  Flexible Payment Plans Available


Please contact your Retreat Manager with any questions:

Meet your team

Misty Tripoli
I am committed to creating the most deliciously fun, playful, adventurous, restorative and connected retreat experience you can imagine!

What excites you?
It exites me to see people from all over the world come together, unite, play, accept and celebrate each other and have the time of their lives.

What is your favorite thing about groove retreats?
Getting my groove on with the coolest people in the world!! Epic! I live for it!
My favorite event of the year... hands down.
I am committed to creating connection to ourselves through JOYful exercise, challenging your body and mind and treating yourself with kindness at the same time.

What excites you?
LIFE excites me - I call myself a radical Life Lover. Water, the ocean is my soul, food, the earth is my playground.

What is your favorite thing about groove retreats?
The connection with my GROOVE family, my tribe. I love the personal development that happens each year I attend.
I am committed to creating the time of your life. From registration through to departure day I will deliver a flawless experience for you.

What excites me?
Coffee, Travel, Comfy Beds and my 2 dogs... and undoubtedly the annual GROOVE Retreat, my favorite time of year.

What is my favorite thing about Groove Retreats?
The people! Seriously the coolest people from all over the World join us on these magical adventures, creating life-long friendships.
I am committed to creating an uplifting experience for people to feel amazing in their bodies, connect with each other and have a blast.

What excites you?
Dancing, laughing, laying around, meaningful conversations, and lots of PLAY time!

What is your favourite thing about Groove retreats?
I love the balance of together time grooving and moving and alone time for introspection. I LOVE tapping out of the world and my responsibilities and just be FREE in a tropical paradise!
I am committed to creating an all inclusive, heartfelt and fun experience.

What excites you?
Groove, travel, new experiences and food!

What is your favorite thing about groove retreats?
The people. The connections made at Groove retreats are so pure and positive. It makes for a truly carefree experience.
I am committed to creating a super fun experience where there will definitely be laughter and people will get to know each other on a deeper level.

What excites you?
Playing games, dancing and laughing excited me!

What is your favorite thing about groove retreats?
My favorite thing about Groove retreats is Grooving every morning. It is the best thing to wake up to and my body feels so good all day!
I am committed to creating an environment where everyone feels seen, included, welcome and celebrated. To supporting people in creating the experience they need while retreating with us. I cannot wait to love you up!

What excites you?
Witnessing people fall in love with themselves and creating a life of purpose.

What is your favourite thing about retreats?
That it doesn’t matter if it’s the first time joining us, or the 10th, it’s always like coming home. Strangers become family!
I am committed to creating connections, health, and joy!

What excites you?
Dancing, going on adventures, and making my dreams come true.

What is your favorite thing about groove retreats?
Making real connections with people from all over the globe.
I am committed to creating a calm, loving and empowering atmosphere and creating beautiful relationships.

What excites you?
Dance, great music, delicious food, puppies and other cuddly animals, the sound of the ocean and the smell of snow.

What is your favorite thing about groove retreats?
First of all I love the amazing places in the world that we got to see. But those wouldn’t be as special humans that I luckily count as my soul family. It’s all about love and connection!
I am committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment in which people feel safe to be themselves and open up to be even more their amazing selves!

What excites you?
Everything about GROOVE Retreats excites me really!! The new location, the number of people coming from different countries for one common purpose.

What is your favorite thing about groove retreats?
The chance to connect with and #getgrooved by all the amazing facilitators that join us from all over the World.
I am committed to creating a playful, curious and compassionate atmosphere for self-connection and self-discovery.

What excites me?
Chocolate, my son’s laughter, great music, dancing, my husband’s touch, deep conversations and the full moon.

What is your favorite thing about groove retreats?
That it’s so easy and comfortable to be my authentic self in the company of my fellow groovers.
I am committed to creating a fun, openminded, loving and curious environment.

What excites you?
Right now I am OVERLY excited about Marie Kondo. If you wanna see my serotonin levels explode, just let me organize the Konmari way. It's the most clever and tangible gratitude practice I have come about in a long time. A spiritual and loving method for tidying up. Love it!

What is your favorite thing about groove retreats?
The immersion in dance, meditation, nature and conversations.
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Costa Rica

December 1-12, 2019

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