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just LOVE retreat

Hi, I'm Misty Tripoli, your host and creator of JUST LOVE.

I am on a personal mission to have as much fun as humanly possible while in this incredible magical meat suit. We have no idea when our expiration date is, so until then, I choose FUN, CREATIVITY, PLAY, CONNECTION and endless dancing!  I created the JUST LOVE GROOVE RETREAT experience for myself, then I decided to start inviting other like minded cool ass people to enjoy it with me.

An opportunity to TAP OUT and TUNE IN!

JUST LOVE is now an annual event that can't be missed.  It is quite literally a 10 day blissed out GROOVE DANCE party, loaded with high vibration activities to connect you deeply to your own inner wisdom.

NO ONE has more information than YOU. 

Enjoy daily GROOVES, DANCE, meditation, singing, mind blowing lectures, workshops and fun talks about stuff that matters. Delicious meals, exciting cultural adventures, new friendships, chillin on the beach or whatever you hearts content. Spoil yourself stupid!​

and the best part... NO WIFI and NO CELL PHONES... just YOU TIME!


LOVE is what we are, but we have ego, relationships, work and other life circumstances that challenge us and make us forget or blind us. Creating a personal practice and learning to create coherence of mind, body, heart and soul is essential to nurture and build the alignment with your highest self, your inner guru.

 The greatest gift you can give you, your family, the planet is the ability to LOVE and accept yourself with NO JUDGEMENTS.
And in the jungle... there are NO JUDGEMENTS!

​I look forward to exploring, grooving and growing with with you in paradise!  I have also invited some of my favorite teachers to join me and share with you too, Julia Przybelka and more core team Dani Nobrega and Corinne Sasso!! There will also be daily Grooves, sexy dance classes, bodyArt® , lectures and transformational workshops. You will also have a couple of open days for any adventures you would like to go on.

​Massive LOVE,

Misty Tripoli

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